City Aims to Turn Fresh Kills Into Wind, Solar Farm

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The city announced Tuesday it hopes to top the former Fresh Kills landfill site on Staten Island with power-generating windmills or solar panels.

The Bloomberg administration’s plan, revealed Tuesday during a Crain's New York Business breakfast in Manhattan, would cover up to 75 acres of capped landfill with the latest in renewable energy technology.

Officials believe the installation could meet energy demand for 6,000 homes, effectively doubling the city's renewable power capacity. But 20 megawatts is a tiny amount compared with peak summer electricity demand in New York City, which topped 13,000 megawatts last year.

The city is asking private developers to submit their specific proposals for a renewable energy farm by February 2013.

For decades, the Fresh Kills area of Staten Island was the recipient of other New Yorkers' garbage. It was closed in 2001.

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