Gig Alert: Matt Corby

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Matt Corby
"Souls A'Fire"
Playing on Wednesday at Joe's Pub
(425 Lafayette St., East Village)
Get: Tickets ($15) | Directions 

Australian folk-rock singer Matt Corby became a household name after competing on American Idol down under at age 16. And while he took home second prize in the reality TV competition, the exposure -- as well as the strength of his talent -- was a launching pad for Corby. In 2009, he independently released his debut EP ‘Songs For…’ and landed a record deal in the UK.

Three years and three EPs later, Corby has crossed the pond and is promoting his newest work, Into The Flame, at venues in Los Angeles, Austin and New York City.

Catch the Aussie’s soulful, Buckley-esque lilts live at Joe’s Pub in the East Village Wednesday night or watch the video stream for the show here.

You can also download "Souls A’Fire" from the fourth EP above, or watch the video below to see Matt Corby perform “Kings, Queens, Beggars, & Thieves,” “Refuge,” and “Untitled” unplugged.