OWS Protesters Vow Spring Come Back

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A day after police broke up a rally at Manhattan's Zuccotti Park in Manahttan and arrested dozens, Occupy Wall Street protesters said their movement for economic justice will pick up steam this spring.

"Where they started with about 50 people, organizing in the beginning, now it's hundreds," said protester Erik Tinker. "The foundation that's gonna lead to the jump-off this year is going to be much larger."

Issues like student debt, the environment and the November elections will be priorities, according to protesters. 

The protesters are also calling for a general strike on May 1 to weekend arrests.

The crackdown at Zuccotti happened late Saturday after hundreds of activists gathered to mark six months since the movement began. Police said 74 people were arrested after some began to set up tents and tarps in violation of park rules. 

Mayor Michael Bloomberg said on Monday police were respectful of protesters during the arrests. He added that police have  put up barricades around Zuccotti Park again because protesters were breaking park rules.

Police said Sunday they had no information about any protesters being injured.

NYPD spokesman Paul Browne said police were investigating telephone threats to at least two NYPD officers and/or family members.

A protest Sunday night into Monday morning in Union Square was largely peaceful. Police said they arrested one activist for disorderly conduct.