Abel Ferrara and Willem Dafoe on "4:44 Last Day on Earth"

Monday, March 19, 2012

Director Abel Ferrara and actor Willem Dafoe discuss the new film “4:44 Last Day on Earth.” It’s about a New York couple who cycles through anxiety, ecstasy, and torpor as the end of the world approaches. “4:44 Last Day on Earth” opens at IFC Center.


Willem Dafoe and Abel Ferrara

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Peter Talbot from Harrison, NJ

To elaborate on Henry Oh's comment: the word for "four" in Chinese is a near homophone to both the verb "to be" and the word for "dead". The transference of "unluckiness" to the number is such that: (a) most Chinese will not accept a phone number with the number "4" in it; (b) many skyscrapers in China avoid floors "4" and "44" entirely. Apartments and suites with the number 4 must be rented at a discount to be filled; (c) if they have the ability, Chinese folks regardless of their current location will not accept a vehicle license plate that begins or ends with a "4". Also: repeating a noun or adjective in colloquial Chinese in most dialects is a way of saying "very", so the numbers 444 would be an automatic pun for dead-dead-dead or "very, very dead".

Mar. 19 2012 08:44 PM
Sophie from Poughkeepsie, NY

@art525 from Park SLope

I'll second that, yeech!

Mar. 19 2012 01:25 PM
Henry oh from NYC

FYI, the number 4 is considered unlucky in Chinese because the sound is a homophone for the word death.

Mar. 19 2012 12:50 PM
art525 from Park SLope

Wow is Abel Ferrarra inarticulate.

Mar. 19 2012 12:47 PM

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