#3141: World Music

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Get blasted by music from the masters of the face-guitar and smack-smack drum, Caspian Hat Dance on this New Sounds.  This "street band" is from the Netherlands, and draws from Eastern European gypsy/klezmer music, strains of South American and Italian folk music.

Also, listen to "Chinagrass" music, from Xinjiang in Western China and sung in the Kazakh language by Mamer, along with electroacoustic Argentinian folktronica from Tremor. Plus, Bavarian gypsy brass from LaBrassBanda, Portuguese fado by Deolinda, Algerian/French torch singing from Kamel el Harrachi, and  more.


PROGRAM #3141, World Music, the Dance Hits     (First aired on 11/19/2010)               

Yemen Blues Womeximizer 2010 Um Min al Yaman
CD Womex 10 Piranha

Womeximizer 2010

Des konnst glam
See above.
Tremor Viajante Viajante [5:50] Available at Amazon.com
Caspian Hat Dance We Say No Talk Amarisi Amari [4:00]
U ruciu telumare [4:30]
Available at Cdbaby.com or download at www.caspianhatdance.com
Kamel el Harrachi Ghana Fenou Ya Rayah [4:30] Available at Amazon.com
Deolinda Dois Selos e Um Carimbo Um Contra O Outro [4:00] www.cdgo.com
Charlie Barber Afrodisiac (Love, Ritual, and the Supernatural) Mbira Music [4:03] Available at CDBaby.com
Danyèl Waro
Womeximizer 2010 Veli [4:30] See above.
Mamer Eagle Iligai [3:00]
Real World Records http://womadshop.com
Charlie Barber Afrodisiac (Love, Ritual, and the Supernatural)

La Luna Roja (The Red Moon) [4:49]

See above.