Rising Sea Levels to Encroach on City by 2020: Report

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Climate change has increased the chance of serious flooding in the New York region threefold, according to a new study by the Princeton, N.J.-based think tank Climate Central

New York City has a one in four chance of a severe flood by 2030, and is host the highest density population in the U.S. vulnerable to sea level rise, according to the group's estimates.

Almost 200,000 homes are at risk of flooding, and the sea could rise 13 inches by 2050, the report shows.

The interactive map below shows how much of the New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut shorelines are vulnerable to storm surges the group says are caused by global warming.


The state Department of Environmental Conservation said that while the group's projects are slightly higher than those developed by the State Sea Level Rise Task Force, the projections are consistent with state projections.  The Task Force, of which DEC is a member, is working to develop tools, data and recommendations to enhance local capacity to adapt to the increased hazards associated with sea level rise.

Janet Babin contributed to this report.