Parking Fees Raised at Some Area Beaches

People looking for a nice day at the beach this summer may be in for some sticker shock. Parking a car at some area beaches will cost 50- to 100-percent more this summer than last.

Gateway National Recreation Area's daily parking rates on Sandy Hook will increase from $10 to $15 for most vehicles.  At Jacob Riis Park in Queens the fee doubles to $10 per day. 

Fair Haven, New Jersey, resident Peter O'Such has long been a vocal opponent of any parking fees.  “National park land is national park land and it belongs to the people, and if they should get a break anywhere it should be on national park land,” he said.

The Sandy Hook angler feels bad for the family on a tight budget heading for a day at the shore. "They're looking at $50, $60 dollars...with the $15 (parking fee) and the cost of gasoline for a round trip and Parkway tolls."

"The public spoke and Gateway listened," Gateway Superintendent Linda Canzanelli said, noting that the increase at Sandy Hook is half the amount originally proposed last summer.

The National Park Service charges no entrance fee for users without motor vehicles at Gateway National Recreation Area.