Gig Alert: Filastine

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"Shanty Tones"
Playing on Friday at Highline Ballroom
(431 W. 16th St., Chelsea)
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Barcelona-based producer and percussionist Filastine uses bass music almost like camera film. The self-professed nomad records the global sights, sounds and textures he experiences before immersing the beat-heavy music in political imagery, as if that were the processing fluid that binds it all together.

The L.A. native's new album, Loot, out on April 3, exemplifies this by weaving sounds from Indonesia, North Africa, Brazil and elsewhere into vivid, mesmerizing (and club-friendly) music.

Download the cumbia-laced track “Shanty Tones” above and watch Filastine and singer Nova Ruth perform excerpts of the songs “Gendjer2” and "Btalla" in the video below.

Filastine performs at Highline Ballroom on Friday night.