Gig Alert: Gus + Scout

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Gus + Scout
"Don't Bother You Much"
Playing on Thursday at Rockwood Music Hall
(196 Allen St., L.E.S.)
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Bluesy rock outfit Gus + Scout formed and began making its guitar-driven roots music about a year ago while attending Brown University.

Members Gus Wenner (son of Rolling Stone founder Jan Wenner) and Scout Willis (daughter of Demi Moore and Bruce Willis) have known each other since childhood when they were neighbors in Idaho but only began playing music together about three years ago in college.

On Thursday night, Gus + Scout plays at Rockwood Music Hall. Watch the group perform the song “Me And James” in the video below, and download the duo's alt-country tune “Don’t Bother You Much." It's a song that holds special meaning to the band, says Wenner.

“It is really honest to who Scout and I are,” he explained via email. “And it is a response to being sad in a very subtle way, which can make that emotion all the more painful. I initially wrote most of those lyrics as a poem, and then when I brought it to Scout she made it come to life. She made them beautiful.”