Watch: Nada Bakri on Whether War is Inevitable

Friday, March 09, 2012 - 04:06 PM

Nada Bakri, New York Times reporter and widow of Anthony Shadid, the former Beirut bureau chief of the New York Times, recently visited the WNYC studios to discuss Shadid's book, House of Stone: A Memoir of Home, Family, and a Lost Middle East. She answered the question at the center of our series End of War: Is War Inevitable?


Nada Bakri

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Ms Bakri appears to be avoiding the entire question, and winds up describing what war looks like, and what it does to people, and how it can be used to change cultural environments. Her comments almost make me feel as if she is acceptable to war as an "evil eliminator". Unfortunately her descriptions of war implicitly lead one to conceptualize a body of land somewhere other than the United States. The question of the eventuality of a war, seems to sway the responding party towards forming a conclusion which involves other shores than our America. We all know what war looks like, what it can destroy, and what it can repair. I once heard, from a war veteran, that no matter how often the public can view a war on TV or on the Internet or in the News, one could not fully experience war until you smelled it. Yet , except for participating in that experience, most of us humans know what a war looks like, and the devastation it can leave in its wake. But more often than not, we humans find ourselves always questioning who started it, and why it got started. The opposing participants of a war, both perceive their causes to be the right one to fight for. My opinion is that once you remove money, politics, ownership, greed, and power, from the equation of war, you will most often discover religion to be the root variable of all wars. In conclusion to answering the generic question, "is war inevitable" to us fellow humans????.....I surmise that until we abandon our dubious religious beliefs, world wide, in exchange for honest scientific intelligent discourse about the world in which we all like breathing in, there will always be bloodshed and conflict. In other words....war.

Mar. 10 2012 08:31 AM

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