Special Super Tuesday Broadcast

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Tuesday, March 6th at 7pm EST, WNYC hosts a Super Tuesday Primary Special in collaboration with WCPN in Cleveland and WKSU in Northeastern Ohio.

Joining host Brian Lehrer are Cokie Roberts, senior news analyst for NPR News and ABC News political commentator and Jeff Greenfield of PBS's "Need to Know" | Jim Burress of WABE in Atlanta checks in from the Newt Gingrich event as polls close in Georgia | Ross Sneyd of Vermont Public Radio reviews results from that state | Harry Wilson, the Director of the Institute for Policy & Opinion Research at Roanoke College, on Virginia results | Jo Ingles of the Statehouse News Bureau for Ohio Public Radio and T.V. checks in with results from Ohio | WBUR’s Fred Thys checks in from Mitt Romney’s event in Boston before polls close in Massachusetts | Brandon Hollingsworth, reporter at WUOT in Knoxville, checks in from Tennessee | and Danielle Webster, reporter for Prairie Public Radio in North Dakota, checks in from a Ron Paul event in Fargo | Plus your calls!

Track returns below using the Patchwork Nation voting map.