#3008: "That Was Nice!"

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Das war schön! (That was nice!) by the Norwegian composer Rolf Wallin invokes themes by Mozart, drawing on birdsong, freemasonry and parental innuendo in a five-movement concerto for percussion and orchestra. According to the composer’s program notes, the title refers to Mozart’s reaction to his caged bird being able to sing the main theme of the final movement of his 17th piano concerto, although with two small mistakes.

Mozart included these mistakes in the entry of this theme in his catalogue of finished pieces, and he added the comment "Das war schön!" (that was nice!).  We’ll hear a recording of this work, along with others for percussion and large ensemble by Lou Harrison and Michael Daugherty on this New Sounds program.

PROGRAM #3008, Works for Percussion & Orchestra (First aired on Tues. 11-24-09)





Lou Harrison, William Winant, members of the Mirecourt Trio & the Mills College Gamelan Ensemble

Double Concerto for Violin and Cello

Lou Harrison: Double Concerto for Violin and Cello with Javanese Gamelan [23:00]

Music & Arts 635 Out of print. Reissued with different pairing of Harrison’s Piano Trio, for violin, cello & piano on Music & Arts 1073. Available at Amazon.com* or Arkiv Music www.arkivmusic.com

Rolf Wallin & Oslo Philharmonic Orchestra; Martin Grubinger, perc.


Rolf Wallin: Das war schön! - 1. M. Noir [6:34] 2. Mon tres cher Pere [4:53] 4. Es klinget [5:21]

Ondine 1118 www.ondine.net
Or available at vailable at Amazon.com*

Michael Daugherty

Philadelphia Stories / UFO

Unidentified [4:08] ??? [4:19]

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