Liu Deflects Blame in Wake of Campaign Treasurer's Arrest

A day after his campaign treasurer was arrested, City Comptroller John Liu skirted blame by saying he was not in charge of day-to-day operations of his campaign.

Speaking in Brooklyn Wednesday, Liu said former treasure Jenny Hou was reliable.

“Jenny is a very capable individual someone who is very hard working who I've come to know and depend upon and no one is hanging anyone out to dry,” he said.

Hou, 25, was arrested on fraud and obstruction of justice charges Tuesday that could land her in jail for 60 years.

Liu said there were still a lot of questions, but that  “at the end of the day, I expect every one will be answered.”

He added he was focused on the responsibilities of his office such as “auditing city agencies, cutting wasteful spending and investing pension assets,” and that we would continue to make preparations for the future. On Tuesday, Liu said he was reassessing whether to run for office next year.

Liu is widely viewed as a possible candidate to run for mayor.

Another potential candidate is City Council Speaker Christine Quinn. Quinn declined to comment on the charges due to the ongoing investigation, but addressed the issue of whether he could continue in his current position as city comptroller. She said it was his decision whether or not to step down from his position managing the city's finances.

“John has said he is assessing his situation and that is clearly a question that Comptroller Liu has to answer for himself and for his family,” she said.

New York State Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli acknowledged that there were some “serious charges” lodged against folks on Liu’s campaign, but thought that Liu is “really a decent guy.”

“In my experience with the city comptroller, he's very hardworking, very dedicated and I’m sure he's going to do the best that he can to manage under these circumstances."

With reporting from Colby Hamilton, Kathleen Horan and Sharyn Jackson.