Gig Alert: Twi the Humble Feather

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Twi the Humble Feather
"Fourth Door of the Red Palace (extended version)"
Playing on Wednesday at Manhattan Inn (632 Manhattan Avenue, Greenpoint, Brooklyn)
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New York-based indie guitar duo Twi the Humble Feather composes ethereal, fanciful music that's meant to recount the adventures of its fictitious mythical namesake.

Bandmembers (and cousins) Anthony Lebron and Hektor Fontanez create Twi's sonic sci-fi fantasy by looping falsetto and Gregorian-like chants, unconventionally-tuned guitars, mouth-percussion and ambient sounds.

Download “Fourth Door of the Red Palace,” above. The winsome song is the title track to Twi the Humble Feather’s forthcoming album. The video below is for “Finale,” from the group's debut EP Music for Spaceships and Forests.

Twi The Humble Feather performs at the Manhattan Inn on Wednesday night.