#3004: Music for Angels

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For this New Sounds program, listen to some celestial music, but also works that are much darker.  We'll hear a bit of the flowing, dreamlike and epic "Angel of Light" by Finnish composer Einojuhani Rautavaara along with an excerpt from Jürgen Knieper's original score for the film "Wings of Desire."

There's also music by George Crumb, his "Black Angels," a voyage of a soul fallen from grace, inspired by the Vietnam War.  Plus, a 1970's collaboration between David Bedford and Mike Oldfield, called "Instructions for Angels."  And more.

PROGRAM #3004, "Angelic" Music (First aired on Tues. 11-17-09)





Jurgen Knieper

Wings of Desire

Skies of Berlin, Cathedral of Books, Glacial Valley [11:38]

Elektra/Nonesuch #79210**

David Bedford

David Bedford

The Dazzling Burden/Be Music, Night [5:25]

Virgin #V-2090 LP (1976.)
Reissued on CD and available as an import at Amazon.com* or download from iTunes

Kronos Quartet

25 Years (boxed set)

Disc 7; George Crumb: Black Angels -Part II, excerpt [1:30] and Part III [7:16]

Nonesuch 79504**

Rhys Chatham

An Angel Moves Too Fast To See

An Angel Moves Too Fast To See: Prelude [7:35]

Table of the Elements TOE802CD

Einojuhani Rautavaara/ Leif Segerstam, cond. Helsinki Philharmonic Orchestra

Symphony No. 7 'Angel Of Light'

Tranquillo, excerpt [10:00]

Ondine 869

Hilmar Örn Hilmarsson

Angels of the Universe

Schiller In China, excerpt [2:00]

Fat Cat #CD01P