New York Times reporter Anthony Shadid has died in Syria

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New York Times reporter Anthony Shadid died on Thursday while working in Syria, reporting on the growing conflict there. He was a frequent guest on the Lopate Show, shedding light on the politics and conflict in countries across the Middle East, including Iraq, Lebanon, Libya, and Syria. He died at the age of 43. You can listen to some of Anthony Shadid's conversations with Leonard over the years:

September 2005, discussing his book about Iraq, Night Draws Near

July 2006, reporting from Tyre, Lebanon - an interview that was cut short because of a nearby explosion

August 2006 update from Tyre, Lebanon

March 2010 look at Iraq's upcoming parliamentary elections

April 2011 interview about his capture while covering the unrest in Libya

April 2011 update on the government crackdown in Syria