NJ Assembly Passes Gay Marriage Bill

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Gay Marriage (Getty Images)

The New Jersey Assembly has passed a bill legalizing same-sex marriages, setting the stage for an expected veto by Governor Chris Christie.

The 41-33 vote Thursday sends the bill to Christie. But the chamber isn't required to send the bill to Christie's desk until the close of business Friday.

The Republican governor who opposes gay marriage had promised "very swift action" once the bill reached his desk. Christie spokesman Michael Drewniak said no action on the bill would be taken before Friday.

Christie and most Republican lawmakers want gay marriage put to a popular vote. Democrats say gay marriage is a civil right protected by the Constitution and should not be subject to referendum.

Six states and Washington, D.C. recognize gay marriages. Washington State's new gay marriage law takes effect in June.

The affirmative vote in the Democrat-controlled Assembly ended speculation over whether the measure had the votes to pass.

The Senate passed the bill 24-16 vote Monday.


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Jim from New Jersey

Christie has stated clearly that his "swift action" is informed by his religious foundation. I wonder if the governor is aware that the Bible has MUCH more to say about gluttony than about homosexuality. He should consider this example before he veto's the marriage bill.
Hebrews 12:16
"That no one is sexually immoral or unholy like Esau, who sold his birthright for a single meal."
Hypocrite, know thy self.

Feb. 17 2012 08:52 AM
Tim from Brooklyn

In response to lucius: As far as I'm concerned "calamity" is what you get when you base civic legislation on religious law of any kind. Sharia law, Biblical law, whatever.

I wouldn't presume to know what God thinks. Who's to say his views on social issues haven't evolved in the last 2000 years? But if not, I'd sooner base our civic code on my racist grandfather's rantings than on God's ridiculously outdated notions about women, homosexuality, slavery, etc.

Feb. 16 2012 11:33 PM

Love JohnJon's comment! I'm tired of Christie pretending he's doing the right thing ("Let the people decide.") when he's really taking the back road to appeasing conservatives who feel it's OK to pass judgement on someone else's personal life.

Feb. 16 2012 09:27 AM

How sad that America does not comprehend the calamity of sodomy anymore. Friends, homosexuality is a very grievous sin in God's eyes. Let us honor God by living pure lives, for we are all in need of Christ's blood to cover our sins.

Feb. 16 2012 01:41 AM

It's time we value families, including gay and lesbian families and their children.

Let's strengthen marriage by allowing more committed couples to join this great institution.

Feb. 16 2012 01:13 AM

Let's put the Governor's marriage up for a vote, and only let gay people on it.

Feb. 15 2012 08:07 PM

Archbishop Desmond Tutu has written strong words on this, from his latest book-
"This is a matter of ordinary justice... I could not have fought against the discrimination of apartheid and not also fight against the discrimination that homosexuals endure, even in our own churches and faith groups." (page 54)
and -
"Equally, I cannot keep quiet while people are being penalized for something about which they can do nothing - their sexuality. To discriminate against our sisters and brothers who are lesbian or gay on grounds of their sexual orientation for me is ass totally unacceptable and unjust as apartheid ever was." (page 55)

Feb. 15 2012 06:39 PM

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