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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Journalist Quinn Norton, contributor to Wired magazine's Threat Level blog, returns to give us an update on what the Internet collective Anonymous has been up to recently.


Quinn Norton

Comments [9]

" . . . I’m going to repeat in every thread about this that the fraud is not that [Peter Gleick] got documents under false pretenses. That’s investigative reporting and resourcefulness. HURRAH HURRAH HOO-RAH.

The fraud is that he took a document of unknown provenance (that he now says he got anonymously in the mail) and mixed it with documents of known provenance (the Heartland documents he used his fake identity to get) and then presented the resulting document collage to the press. . . ."

" , , , it’s cut and dried Piltdown Man style fraud.

And furthermore many of us think Gleick faked the strategy memo his own self and “Anonymous” was his Lucy Ramirez."

Mar. 09 2012 09:01 AM

RE: gene's "heartland-insider-exposes-institute-s-budget-and-strategy" link

From Wikipedia on "Peter Gleick":
On February 16, 2012 Gleick resigned from the American Geophysical Union Task Force on Scientific Ethics citing “personal, private reasons”.[7] On February 20 he confessed he had obtained and distributed documents from the Heartland Institute under a false name, and apologized.[8] On February 24 he asked the board of the Pacific Institute to grant him a "temporary short-term leave of absence" from the Institute.[9]

" . . . Gleick has admitted to an act that leaves his reputation in ruins and threatens to undercut the cause he spent so much time pursuing. . . ."

Perhaps the admitted fraudulent nature of the "source" of the alleged Heartland documents explains why neither Mr. Lehrer or his guest wanted to get "on top of the story".
Admittedly, various ways to"photoshop" reality (what is that?) are praised as "truth enhancing" or condemned as "duplicitous" (
In each and every case, you, the reader, must be the judge for yourself and the guardian of your own integrity.

Mar. 07 2012 01:27 PM
No-name Sam from The Internet

This Quinn Norton wrote a 3-part article on the history of Anonymous and it's the most accurate history/account I've seen anyone write; very recommended.

Also, I hope none of you are using your real names in any way on here: that's not safe internet practice.

Feb. 16 2012 08:10 PM
Jon from Manhattan

What I find troublesome is Ms Norton's cagey demeanor regarding Anonymous. While I certainly support a journalist's obligation to protect its sources, Ms. Norton's lack of transparency about so many aspects of this story is infuriating. regardless of whether she is afraid to upset Anonymous and therefore plays into their hands or, in fact, supports the Anonymous' mission, this crosses a journalistic line and consequently, Ms. Norton cannot be trusted.

Feb. 16 2012 01:48 PM
anna from new york

Actually, if they are criminals and this giggling "lady" is a supporter, shouldn't she be invited by someone else ... somewhere else?
The last time I checked, criminality was still illegal and criminals are still supposed to be punished.

Feb. 16 2012 01:47 PM
John A.

I can't help but think that there will be a major overreach at some time on the part of Anonymous.
1/ Does the FBI have much of a staff by now to police against a terrorist act on the Internet?
2/ Doesn't Ms Quinn see a likelihood of 'the next Timothy McVey' coming from Anonymous?

Feb. 16 2012 01:33 PM
station44025 from Park Slope

The so called "content industry" lobbying isn't about protecting intellectual property, it is about old media's effort to control new media through legislation. The piracy language is an excuse for an attempt to subvert the Internet on the most fundamental level.

Feb. 16 2012 01:33 PM
John A.

I still see a fair amount of antisociality in Anonymous, sometimes incredible amounts. Is the Anonymous community starting to break into "white hat" and "black hat" subcategories?

Feb. 16 2012 01:06 PM

side-but-related note:

I'm shocked neither you nor Lehrer have gotten on top of the story of the Heartland Institute's anonymously leaked documents on funding and strategy in global warming and secondhand smoke science.

Feb. 16 2012 12:51 PM

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