Wounded NYPD Officer Released From Hospital

A New York City police detective was released from the hospital Wednesday following a subway station shootout that resulted in the suspect's death, police said.

Detective Kevin Herlihy was in stable condition after he was hit in the arm Tuesday at the 145th Street station.

Herlihy is part of a squad in Queens that hunts wanted felons, and was was dressed in plainclothes Tuesday afternoon, tracking Michael McBride near the man's Harlem apartment when the shooting occurred around 4:14 p.m.

Michael McBride was wanted in connection to the shooting of a woman in Queens on Monday. NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly said McBride, 52, was also on parole for robbery.

Police believe that McBride realized he was under surveillance and entered the 145th subway station to elude the police. A confrontation between Herlihy and McBride occurred on the mezzanine to the northwest exit. McBride allegedly fired at least four shots toward Herlihy, with one hitting his left arm, according to police. Herlihy returned fire, squeezing off at least 13 rounds, and hit McBride in the chest, according to the department.

McBride was declared dead on the scene. No one else was believed to be injured.

The suspect’s gun, a 22-caliber six-shot revolver was recovered at the scene, with all six shell casings expended. Five bullet fragments were recovered at the scene and are being analyzed.

Shalar Thagod lives in the Harlem neighborhood where the shooting occurred. He said was standing on the corner when he heard a few shots and saw police come from all directions. "We seen cops come, they jumped over the tables, fell on the floor, they were slipping and sliding everywhere," he said, describing the scene.

"We have to keep citizens of the city safe, so I commend the police for doing a great job, and I'm happy that everyone's going to make it home alive and well, except for the perpetrator," he said

(Photo: Police on the scene near the stairwell of the station where the shooting occurred. Stephen Nessen/WNYC)

Dr. George Williams, 62, said it's always disturbing when an incident happens in the neighborhood. "I've never feared for my life. I've never feared for my children walking out in the streets, but this is just an unfortunate incident," he said.

He added that the visibility of police in the neighborhood was good and praised the NYPD.

Det. Herlihy has been on the job 18 years and is married with three children. Bloomberg said he was in good spirits and was expected to fully recover.

Mayor Bloomberg noted that in addition to Herlihy, two weeks ago Officer Kevin Brennan was shot, and it was just over two months ago that Officer Peter Figoski was shot. He said all the alleged shooters of these NYPD officers had one thing in common; they "possessed their guns illegally."

He called on Congress to do more to stop the flow of illegal guns.

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