What We're Reading: Reporter's Round-Up

See what general assignment reporter Kathleen Horan is reading this morning.

  • The New York Daily News reports that the NYPD is revising its policy for using deadly force — altering the definition of “professional judgment”

  • The New York Times' City Room and the Wall Street Journal both report that Whitney Houston’s funeral will be held in Newark at the church she attended as a child and that her family has been connected to for decades. The service will also be private. Carolyn Wingham, owner of the Wingham Funeral Home told the AP that Houston’s family members “have shared her for 30 some years with the city, state and the world and that “this is the time for their farewell.

  • The New York Post reports a quirky story about a former Deadhead couple poised to open a synagogue on the Bowery, not far from where CBGB’s once stood.