Linsanity: Knicks Fans Clamor for Jeremy Lin Swag

Ever since New York Knicks phenom Jeremy Lin first lit up the boards last week, fans have been clamoring for swag emblazoned with the point guard’s name and number.

The Harvard grad, now leading the team on a four-game winning streak, was cut from his last two NBA teams. He helped carry the Knicks to a 92-85 victory over the Lakers. Lin scored a career best 38 points.

Lin has quickly gained a following among Knicks fans who want to watch his style on the court and sport his name on their back.

"Since this morning, 7 a.m. customers have been calling and coming in asking for the jersey and T-shirts, anything with his name on it," said Evalise Incancion, manager at the sporting store Modells on East 42nd Street.

The store got their first shipment of Lin jerseys Friday, and supply is limited. They were only able to get about four dozen, and by afternoon they only had twenty jerseys left.

But fans hoping to watch Lin in action against the Lakers from the Garden on Friday were also out of luck.

Chris Lee, a recent transplant to New York from Lin's native California, tried to buy tickets for Friday's game,

“I tried to buy a ticket to tonight’s game, but they were completely sold out,” he said. “They said they might release some as the day goes along.”

Lee did score tickets to next week’s game against the Sacramento Kings. More importantly, he also bought one of the few Lin jersey, which were made available today for the first time.

"I was really fortunate I was able to buy one in my size. I’ll be wearing it tonight,” he said.