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Bigger Isn't Better When It Comes to Citrus

Blood Orange

More is better -- that's my mantra, especially when it comes to chocolate. But it doesn't hold true for citrus.

Chef Rienne Martinez, my guest on Last Chance Foods, tells me that big, heavy oranges or lemons do not necessarily mean that I'm going to get more juice out of them. Just more rind. 

"Look, here's a blood orange that I brought you," she said, handing me a big orange that she had already sliced in half.

I've posted the photo above. See how thick the rind is?

"I was going to make blood orange marmalade out of this, but there wasn't enough to it."

She recommends looking for citrus with a thinner, more delicate, taut feel to their outer surfaces. Martinez says she finds this is more often the case with organic citrus.

"You might think, 'Oh, those big, plump, conventional ones, they look so fat!' Well, they're engineered that way [with the thicker skins] so they can be shipped."

It's one of the few times in life that I can think of that it's advantageous to be thin-skinned.