'Interrupting' Chicago's Gang Violence

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In 2010, 66 children died of gunfire in Chicago, and hundreds more were injured. Staggering statistics like this show that gang violence in the Windy City has grown out of control. CeaseFire, a community organization with a public-health approach, tries to lead Chicago's youth away from a life of crime. To do that, the group employs "interrupters," former gang members who actually go to the scene of a conflict and try to resolve it in a non-violent way. And it's all chronicled in a recent documentary film called "The Interrupters."

Ameena Matthews is an "interrupter" with the Chicago-based group CeaseFire. Alex Kotlowitz co-produced the film. "The Interrupters" will premiere on Feb 14 on "Frontline" and is a co-production of our partner WGBH. 

"The Interrupters" - Official Trailer