The Sweet Meteor of Death, Dirty Harry Unites, and Obama Turns on the Money Faucet

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Episode #5: Anna Sale is on vacation, so It's A Free Country blogger Karol Markowicz steps in alongside Todd Zwillich and Brian Lehrer to bring the week's most revealing clip. Karol is humored by Erick Erickson's "endorsement" in the GOP 2012 race; Todd bends the rules and puts a previous week's clip in a new context to talk about Obama and SuperPACs; and Brian sees Red America and Blue America united in Clint Eastwood's Super Bowl ad. Plus: a bonus, late-breaking clip from Todd on the Obama administration, contraceptives, and religious voters.

Don't forget this week's twitter challenge: Answer the question #WhatMatters? What really matters in our politics, and in Election 2012?  (See what others are saying)