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Opinion: Gisele's Superbowl Rant Sounds Like the Obama Apologists

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There was something very familiar about Gisele's reaction to the Patriots losing the Super Bowl. In case you missed it the supermodel unleashed on her husband's teammates saying he couldn't be expected to both throw the ball as well as catch it. There was an f-word involved but this is a family website so I won't quote her exactly.

Her sense of entitlement, her willingness to throw blame around, her inability to see her man's flaw, yes, I had definitely heard it before: from President Obama and his fans.

The buzzwords for the three years of Obama's ineffective presidency has been "Republican obstructionism." It's the fault of those Republicans that Obama has been a failure. He's leading the team, he's throwing so perfectly , they're just not catching.

It's interesting to remember all the outlandish promising he did to get into office. When anyone questioned whether the candidate Obama resided in the same reality as the rest of us--say, the reality where Iran really is our enemy and not just because we haven't sat down and talked to them enough--we were accused of not understanding that this was a different leader, filled with hope and change, selling very hip t-shirts on college campuses. We old fuddy-duddy Republicans who didn't think the war in Iraq could be ended overnight were just part of the old way of doing things. The new way would close Guantanamo. The new way would end the Bush tax cuts. We were so lame with our facts and our evidence.

The most delicious part of the whole "Republicans won't let Obama do anything whine" is that our dummy ex-president, the bumbling George W. Bush, who couldn't form an elegant sentence like Obama does or deliver it with quite the same confidence, runs circles around Obama politically. He got nearly everything he wanted during his presidency and he did it with a Democratic congress. Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan? Check. No Child Left Behind? Check. Prescription drug bill, Patriot Act, check check. Obama is the smart one and Bush wasn't and yet there was no whining about obstructionist Democrats since president Bush managed to get them in his corner every time.

Tom Brady is an amazing quarterback and yet Eli Manning, who gets so much less respect than his brother Jeb, I mean Peyton, managed to beat him twice now in the Super Bowl. Perhaps the person who whines less about the actions of others is more likely to have them on their side and actually win.