Track: Colorado Caucus Returns

The map on this page shows not only who’s winning in each of the state’s 64 counties, but, using Patchwork Nation, it shows how the candidates are doing in each of Colorado’s eight types of county – from the wealthy Monied Burbs to the rural agricultural Tractor Country counties. It will fill in with data as the results from the caucuses come in.




What to Watch for in Colorado

Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney won big in Florida among Hispanics and won overall in the counties Patchwork Nation calls Immigration Nation – counties with large Latino populations. Romney took 60 percent of the vote out of those counties in Florida.

But, as we have noted, the Immigration Nation vote in Florida largely came from big, densely-populated and relatively prosperous Miami-Dade county.

Romney lost the rest of the state’s Immigration Nation counties, most of which had lower median household incomes.

The question is whether Colorado’s Immigration Nation counties look more like Miami-Dade or more like those other counties. Keep an eye on those light-blue counties on the bottom of Colorado on the map above.

If Romney does well in them if means he really is resonating with voters in those types of places. If he doesn’t do well, it means his big Latino/Immigration Nation vote in Florida was more about the peculiarities of Miami-Dade – and that could present problems further down the road in other similar western counties.