Screening Room: Larry McCarthy's Greatest Attack Ads

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On Tuesday, Jane Mayer of the New Yorker joins Brian to discuss the career of Larry McCarthy, perhaps the most successful practitioner of the art of the negative political ad. He's now working for the pro-Romney SuperPAC "Restore Our Future." From Willie Horton to the Newt Gingrich "baggage" ad, here (in chronological order) are some of McCarthy's most notable pieces (that are available online).

1984 Kentucky Senate Race: Walter (Dee) Huddleston Chased by Bloodhounds, created for Mitch McConnell     

1988 Presidential Election: Willie Horton, created on behalf of the George H.W. Bush campaign   

2004 Presidential Campaign: Ashley's Story, created for pro-Bush Progress for America Action Fund     

2010 Iowa Congressional Race: Ground Zero Mosque, ad created by American Future Fund    

2012 Republican Nomination Race: Newt Gingrich's Baggage, from pro-Romney SuperPAC Restore Our Future