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Chatter from America is a weekly podcast featuring three worldly Brits making their way in the land of the free. The show is an irreverent, witty and insightful look back at this week’s big stories in America and promises only very occasionally to mention cricket.  The program is co-hosted by The Economist’s New York Bureau Chief, Matthew Bishop, Henry Timms, the director of the Charles Simon Center at the 92nd Street Y, WNYC Radio’s Femi Oke and a magnificent line up of special guests. Tweet the team @ChatterAmerica.

Birth of a Podcast

Apparently it's supposed to be women who talk a lot, but whoever said that hasn't met Henry Timms and Matthew Bishop.  My initial anxiety about the three of us being able to carry off real conversations in studio evaporated during the first thirty seconds of piloting.

- Femi Oke, Chatter from America Producer and Co-host

The Chatter Mix

I've heard Matthew Bishop described as the thinking woman's Piers Morgan. Over the years, he's said a lot of other things to me too.  Femi Oke combines an extraordinary journalistic career with a sense of humor that would make sailors blush.  They are great fun and great friends, and it is a treat to get to do this with them.

- Henry Timms, Chatter from America Co-host