The Super Bowl: the questions keep coming

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Questions from last night’s edition of my annual Super Bowl party:

Who needs a drink?

Is that Faith Hill or Kelly Clarkson?

And who’s this?  Faith Hill or Kelly Clarkson?

Who didn’t put their money into the pot for the football pool?

Dad, why did Giants just get two points?

Really?  That’s a rule?

Who’s got 9 and 0 in the pool? 

Where’s our defense?

What do you think Madonna will play?

You think she’ll do ‘Vogue’?

And you think she’ll do ‘Like A Prayer’?

Wonder who’ll play with her?

Is that LMFAO in that ad?

Wow, what’s in this chili

Omigod, what is this gladiator crap?

How’d you know she was gonna do ‘Vogue’?  Wasn’t this supposed to be a big secret?

Is she lip-syncing?

Dad, how old is she?

Well then how come she looks so good?

Did she just almost fall?

Isn’t that Nicki Minaj?

And MIA?

What just happened to the screen?  Was she starting to curse?

Why is Cee-Lo dressed like that?

Wasn’t this originally a pretty suggestive song?

Why are these commercials so boring?

Omigod, is that Clint Eastwood?

It’s “halftime in America”?  Anyone mind if I use this cheese knife to kill myself?

Where’s our defense?

Seriously, where’s our defense?


Who do you think will be MVP?

Who needs a drink?

John, did you finish all that beer?


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