New Music for Bass Clarinet


Usually relegated to the grounding end of things instead of a solo instrument, the bass clarinet has a distinct woody sound, but is actually quite versatile. For this New Sounds, we'll hear everything from electroacoustic work to chamber music, from North African to Alaskan music. Hear pieces by Anouar Brahem, Michel Portal, John Surman, Marty Ehrlich’s Dark Woods Ensemble, and John Luther Adams.

PROGRAM #2999, New Music for Bass Clarinet (First aired on Mon. 11-02-09)





Anouar Brahem

The Astounding Eyes of Rita

Al Birwa [4:52]

ECM 2075

Michel Portal


Mozambic [8:42]

Harmonia Mundi 905186 Out of print. Try auction sites.

John Surman

Private City

Portrait of a Romantic [7:02]

ECM 1366

Anouar Brahem

The Astounding Eyes of Rita

The Lover Of Beirut [7:39]

See above.

Marty Ehrlich’s Dark Woods Ensemble

Just Before The Dawn

Eliahu [6:32]

New World 80474

Marty Walker with Amy Knoles, Bryan Pezzone, and Amelite Consortium Strings


John Luther Adams: Dark Wind [13:21]

Cold Blue Music CB00009