The Super Bowl's Costly Tickets

Watching your favorite football team play in the Super Bowl is a dream for many fans, and the prices and scarcity of tickets means it will will remain a dream for many.

The median price for a seat at Super Bowl XLVI will cost about $4,000 per seat on the secondary market, according to ticket aggregator Seat Geek.

Seat Geek spokesman Will Flaherty said, "Unless they're willing to pay the equivalent of a few mortgage payments to buy a ticket, unfortunately there's not a good way for average Joe fans to get tickets."

Flaherty said face value Super Bowl tickets,which range from $800 - $1,200, are hard to come by because of limited distribution. Of the 68,000 tickets, roughly 75 percent of tickets go to the NFL teams. Of that, 18 percent of the tickets go to the two participating teams to distribute as they see fit. The host team, in this case The Colts, got 5 percent of the tickets.

Less than an hour after its overtime win against the San Francisco 49ers, the Giants sent an email to many of their non-club season ticket holders with the message that a random computer selection of Super Bowl tickets was based on seniroity.

The 9,700 tickets the Giants received were distributed among fans, players, coaches, staff, suite holders, sponsors and business partners, according to team spokesman Pat Hanlon.

If you're lucky, Flaherty said, the NFL does have a lottery that will sell tickets at face value to a few hundred fans, but Flaherty said tens of thousands apply.