Subway Survey Shows Subpar Platform Conditions

A survey of New York City’s subway station platforms has revealed what most New Yorkers already know: some platform conditions are subpar.

The survey was completed by the NYPIRG Straphangers Campaign. It found rats at 11 percent of underground stations it observed, and substantial areas of missing tile at 15 percent of all platforms.

More widespread problems included bad lighting conditions, which could be dangerous. “Fifty-percent of underground platforms observed had broken lighting fixtures,” said NYPIRG coordinator Cate Contino. Additionally, the group found widespread peeling paint in many stations.

But there were some positive findings from the survey. The group found that 100 percent of surveyed station platforms observed had garbage cans, and none of them were overflowing.

The group said the survey was meant to show a ‘snap shot’ of platform conditions. NYPIRG has no plans to ask the MTA to address these issues, only to be aware of them.

“We found the good, the bad and the ugly, from no subway station platforms having overflowing garbage cans to clearly unacceptable conditions, such as peeling paint,” said Jason Chin-Fatt, the Straphanger Campaign organizer who oversaw the survey.

The survey was based on observations at 250 of the MTA’s 907 subway platforms. The surveys were completed by 14 interns and NYPIRG staff members between July 11 and September 24, 2011.