The Gingrich Long-Tail, Romney "Not Concerned About Poor", and #EnoughWhat?

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People wait to hear Republican presidential candidate, former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney speak to them during a grassroots rally with supporters at Lake Sumter Landing on January 30, 2012

Episode #4: After Romney's decisive victory in Florida, is it just a matter of going through the motions until he's the nominee? Not according to Newt Gingrich and Todd Zwillich. Todd, Anna Sale and Brian Lehrer play their most revealing clips of the week and discuss the disappearing issue of poverty; Gingrich's February strategy; and Rick Santorum's "third-way" approach. Plus, Brian impersonates Howard Dean.

Don't forget this week's twitter challenge: Answer the question #EnoughWhat? What have you had enough of in the first month of Election 2012?  (See what others are saying)