Councilman Wants to Prevent Carts From Being Dropped on People

A day after a shopping cart was thrown from a Bronx parking garage, a city councilman says he will introduce legislation to protect pedestrians on privately owned walkways and overpasses.

James Vacca, chair of the Housing Committee said, "We realize we have a problem." A similar incident occurred in Harlem last October, in which kids pushed a shopping cart off a fourth-floor walkway that left a mother of two critically injured.

The legislation would mandate that New York City walkways and overpasses be secure with fencing whether they are publicly or privately owned.

“Both incidents could have been avoided had we had legislation in place that required developers to take action. We cannot ask developers on a one-by-one basis to make their facilities safer,” Vacca said. “We can only do it legislatively."

The two men walking near the Home Depot entrance in the Gateway Center near Yankee Stadium were struck by a cart pushed from an upper level. The men, ages 30 and 52, suffered serious head injuries. No arrest have been made.