The State of the Occupation

Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Four months ago, protesters first entered Zuccotti Park. Allison Kilkenny, contributing reporter for In These Times, The Nation, and co-host of Citizen Radio discusses where the Occupy Wall Street movement is now and where it's headed.


Allison Kilkenny

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Police: 11 arrested at Occupy DC site
AP - Sun, Feb 5, 2012

WASHINGTON (AP) — Authorities say 11 people have been arrested in Washington's McPherson Square since Park Police began clearing away tents from one of the nation's last remaining Occupy sites.

David Schlosser, who is a spokesman for the U.S. Park Police, said Sunday that one of those arrested was charged with felony assault on a police officer and assault with a deadly weapon. That person is accused of hitting an officer in the face with a brick Saturday evening. The officer was treated at a hospital.

Three others were charged with assault on a police officer.

Schlosser says officials are continuing to clear the park of unsanitary conditions, though so far Sunday things had remained mostly peaceful.

On Saturday night, the protesters vowed to continue their movement and urged followers to remain nonviolent.

Feb. 08 2012 10:40 PM


"Hey you redeemers, rebels and radicals out there,

"Against the backdrop of a global uprising that is simmering in dozens of countries and thousands of cities and towns, the G8 and NATO will hold a rare simultaneous summit in Chicago this May. The world’s military and political elites, heads of state, 7,500 officials from 80 nations, and more than 2,500 journalists will be there.

And so will we. . . .On May 1, 50,000 people from all over the world will flock to Chicago, set up tents, kitchens, peaceful barricades and #OCCUPYCHICAGO for a month. . . .

" . . .And if they don’t listen … if they ignore us and put our demands on the back burner like they’ve done so many times before … then, with Gandhian ferocity, we’ll flashmob the streets, shut down stock exchanges, campuses, corporate headquarters and cities across the globe … we’ll make the price of doing business as usual too much to bear. . . . "

Feb. 01 2012 01:47 PM

@Edward from Washington Hudson Heights:

I'm not so sure that your reading of history is applicable to the present situation.
The troops of those collectivist tyrants did not have access to the shelter and material comfort of their parents' homes. In any case, a stroll onto the Brooklyn Bridge is not exactly as "challenging" as a forced march from Paris or Berlin to Moscow; the "elan" of the NYPD cannot be compared to the heroic, "execute deserters", savagery of the Russian troops.
The only similarities seem to be the delusional aims of tyrants for regimented and mandatory national industrial policies and "social" welfare programs to motivate their people into suicidal acts of "self-sacrifice" for the "well-being" of the "whole".
Do note despair.
Let your views be known.
And be of good cheer.

Feb. 01 2012 12:56 PM



Feb. 01 2012 11:56 AM
Edward from Washington Heights AKA pretentious Hudson Heights

The winter defeated Napolean and national Socialist Shitler.

The winter will defeat OWS.

Feb. 01 2012 11:56 AM


It's devolving into the "Revolutionaries-expropriate-the-illgotten-gains-of-the-bourgeoisie" scenes from "Dr. Zhivago"
(see: )

It will get interesting-tragic when these kinds of "actions" move from Second Amendment free zones, such as New York, to a jurisdiction where individuals have access to the technology to face down a mob.

From there it will be a brief, but very unpleasant, moment to a time when the petty "agents" of corrupt government officials are conflated with these lawless marauders.

Popcorn will not be served. ;-)

Feb. 01 2012 11:37 AM
Sophia from Yonkers

I protested with Occupy in Zuccotti Park. The Occupy movement seems to have moved to a position that strengthens the Republican party. They block traffic and work to make life miserable for people in Blue State cities. This antagonizes people who would otherwise be sympathetic to them.
The Red State moderates look at the chaos and say "look what progressive politics does". They might do better to load up some Bolt Buses and Occupy the front yards of Speaker Boehner and Majority leader Cantor.

Feb. 01 2012 11:21 AM

... move along, nothing to see here.

Everything is fine.

Feb. 01 2012 11:18 AM

...THAT is NOT a train wreck on the tracks!!!

Feb. 01 2012 11:15 AM

Unfettered Kapitalism® works so good!!

Feb. 01 2012 11:07 AM
amalgam from NYC by day, NJ by night

You seem very certain of your general claims with no support whatsoever. Sure, you're entitled to your opinion but even if they are unsubstantiated and wrongeheaded.

Here are some of your risible points (prove these):
> OWS is a "shadow" organization of the Obama campaign.
> That OWS is funded by Soros and public employee unions.
> Democrats erroneously believe it all starts with government "investing" to stimulate the economy. That was FDR's mistake as well.
> Point to Democrat that believes that outside of a recession? I think that Democrats are corporatists just like Republicans, something they share. It's just that the two parties have different corporate sectors that they support.

There's plenty more, too...

Feb. 01 2012 11:07 AM

... dirty, too!!

REAL dirty!!!

Feb. 01 2012 11:04 AM

...there are absolutely no problems with our economy!!!

They're ALL NUTS!!!

Feb. 01 2012 11:03 AM
The Truth from Becky

Got it M. Chuzzle your opinion is "let 'em eat cake.

Feb. 01 2012 11:02 AM
Marc from Brooklyn

So let me get this straight: Agnes the retiree who gets her Social Security check direct deposited into her checking account, and Jose the delivery guy who deposits his pay check, should be denied access to their funds because the self-proclaimed "99%" -- who are mostly upper-middle class recent college graduates who are supported by their parents have little interest in working anyway -- "feels" that banks are "bad."

If it wasn't plain before, this should clarify exactly how highly the interests of Regular Joe's rate with the terminally self-righteous crowd.

Feb. 01 2012 11:02 AM

... and refer addicts!!!

Feb. 01 2012 11:02 AM
dboy from nyc

These #OWS "people" are all filthy anti-Semites!!!

Feb. 01 2012 11:01 AM

Occupy definitely has to stay separate from the Democrats, who are as mired in our culture of corruption as the Republicans. BTW, Jon Stewart did a brilliant interview with Jonathan Macey last night, worth watching.

Feb. 01 2012 11:00 AM

I seriously can't believe that you let Kilkenny get away with the "guns blazing" comment. At what point did the cops use firearms against the protesters? I think that in the wake of Gifford's resignation, such rhetoric is dangerously irresponsible. Shame on you, Brian.

Feb. 01 2012 10:56 AM
The Truth from Becky

UH hello I was NOT talking to you Gary but since you are off your chain, you don't know what I know. I have been watching the debates I have heard the talking point you just spit out repeated over and over again as well which amount to, "take our country back" and "stop spending our grandchildren's money" what else? Not that I care because the republicans are absolutely NOT going to win the election.

Feb. 01 2012 10:55 AM
Martin Chuzzlewit from Manhattan

Yes, Becky....THE ONE makes a lot of SPEECHES announcing what entitlements and give-aways he has as goodies this week to buy votes.

Give me a break.

Feb. 01 2012 10:55 AM
john from office

A progressive Mayor, unable to handle Oakland nuts. Brian, not asking any hard questions. What is the meaning of spray painting a wall or breaking a window?? How about organizing and voting.

Feb. 01 2012 10:54 AM
Tequila Minsky from soho

Yesterday there was an OWS/Occupy Food/ and Organic Farmers who are suing Monsanto. It was at Foley Sq. 12:30pm.

NYC: Protestors Come Out Against Monsanto
Jan 31, 2012 1:01 pm
Farmers get their day in court
By Eleanor West

If you happened to be walking around Lower Manhattan this morning, you might have noticed the anti-Monsanto chants echoing from Foley Square. In a protesting trifecta, Occupy Wall Street, Occupy Big Food, and Food Democracy Now joined forces to support family farmers as the first phase of their federal court case against food industry giant Monsanto. The crowd of around 200 people included farmers from as far away as Maine as well as local food activists and chefs.

Feb. 01 2012 10:53 AM
gary from queens


You obviously don't watch the republican debates. Conservatives wish to resume the success of capitalism by allowing private wealth accumulation to fuel job creation and a higher standard of living. Making the investment class poorer through taxation shrinks the middle class, as obamunism demonstrates.

An centralized economy dominated by unsustainable entitlements and confiscatory liberalism will doom the US as it had Russia and China, and now Europe. There is a capital strike now---for a reason.

In foreign policy, we need to reverse Obama's policies. We must support our allies again and get tough with our enemies----islamist regimes and their newfound allies, the leftist regimes like Hugo Chavez.

Feb. 01 2012 10:49 AM
John A.

Tea party be damned for getting elected and blocking government activity for an entire year, for obscuring the damage of regressive taxation, for messaging to the point of complete distraction.
OWS be celebrated for singling out Citizens United and making taxation entitlements an issue.
It's been observed that OWS language is showing up in more and more places, like the State of the Union, and others.
The Bill Moyers program is back from the dead and leading off with OWS coverage, likely to evolve into higher and greater causes through the season.
If the rich can be made to pay their fair share then commenter Gary can claim it was his party, but that does have to happen.

Feb. 01 2012 10:43 AM
The Truth from Becky

The White House IS occupied...chuzzlehead...and if you listen you will hear the plan for the next four years, by the by, what is the repub plan for the next four years? Can't say can ya? 'cause all I have heard is the short term obsession/plan to beat President Obama.

Feb. 01 2012 10:35 AM
Martin Chuzzlewit from Manhattan

Bravo, Gary.

Occupy The WHITE HOUSE and bring real hope for change. Don't let him hide behind Axelrod anymore. Demand that this guy hold some press conferences where he actually has to give some answers to questions and tell us exactly what his plans for the next 4 years.

Feb. 01 2012 10:07 AM
gary from queens

There's nothing reported in the mainstream media about the "occupy" gatherings that resembles the truth.

This is not a "movement." It's a small number of predominantly students. Many are hypocritical Marxists, anti-zionist; anti-semitic haters of Israel; isolationists, in the mold of Ron Paul and Dennis Kucinitch.

Assembling a couple of hundred of them in a large city like NY wouldn't normally get much media attention. They had to make noise to do that. Literally, making a nuisance of themselves, by abusing the public commons with noise, liter, vandalism, rape, etc. The Tea Party didn't have to violate the law to get attention. Indeed, it was defamed by Democrats and their media friends, alleging them to be white racists----the same old useful canard by Democrats. (Strangely, their favorite candidate was Herman Cain!)

OWS had a long list of complaints, but wisely offered no policy solutions. Doing so would identify their partisan roots, thereby degrading their popularity. For it is popular to complain that the "rich should pay their fair share." The media polls the public on that question, and discovers that many people agree with that contention! Ergo, they claim, the majority of the public supports OWS!

OWS learned from Obama never to get specific on policy solutions. Suddenly, the "rich" are no longer making over $150k. Now they're millionaires. What is a fair share? So small that it wouldn't fund the federal government for much more than 3 months, and make no dent in the trillion dollar average deficit under Obama.

OWS is a shadow of the Obama presidential campaign, with some of the same student organizers and financial supporters, like Soros and public employee unions.

The solution for the US is not collectivist statism. it's economic growth that rewards PRIVATE investment and risk. That yields wealth, profits, jobs, and standard of living---in that order.

Democrats erroneously believe it all starts with government "investing" to stimulate the economy. That was FDR's mistake as well.

Feb. 01 2012 09:33 AM

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