Opinion: Debunking that Pro-Obama Facebook Meme

Friday, January 27, 2012 - 01:41 PM

Facebook "Like" (Sean MacEntee/flickr)

Ok, I can’t take it. Whenever I log onto Facebook now, I see people posting that 15-point list of President Obama’s alleged accomplishments. Some of them like “Got Osama bin Laden” and “Won a Nobel Peace Prize” are right. Others like “Fighting for Working Class Families” are at least open to interpretation. But a lot of them are wrong. And since skepticism seems to be at a premium on Facebook, I’ll fact check some right now:  


THREE: “1.6 million jobs created with no GOP help”: Giving Obama sole credit for private sector job creation is dubious logic. But according to the U.S. Office of Personnel Management, there HAVE been over 100,000 jobs added…to the federal government since 2009.

FOUR: “22 months of job and economic growth”: Where’s the proof for that? The New York Times ran a piece on September 2 called “Zero Job Growth Latest Bleak Sign for U.S. Economy.”

FIVE: “Ended war in Iraq”: George W. Bush ended the war in Iraq. In 2008’s Status of Forces Agreement, the Bush administration and the Iraqi government agreed on a U.S. withdrawal date of December 31, 2011. Obama stuck to Bush’s timetable – for better or worse.

SEVEN: “Not one tax hike”: No thanks to Obama. He proposed a tax hike in his State of the Union speech on Tuesday! And one to support his “jobs bill” in September. And one to help cover the national debt in July. But none of those managed to pass Congress. 

NINE: “Saved the auto industry which got GM back to #1 automaker in the world and created 1.5 million jobs”: Bush approved the $17 billion auto bailout in December ‘08. So, again, it was Bush’s plan. This list claims that Obama created “1.6 million jobs.” But if 1.5 million came from the auto bailout then, according to THIS LIST, Obama is responsible for just 100,000 jobs – the same number added to the federal government since 2009.  

FOURTEEN: “First president since FDR to reform healthcare”: President Johnson signed Medicare into law 1965. But that’s neither here nor there. Obamacare is such a disaster that the president himself has called for repealing part of it, 54 percent of the public think that its insurance mandate is unconstitutional and 26 states are suing the government over that mandate at the U.S. Supreme Court in March.

Ok, so he “Repealed DADT” and “Assisted in Ousting Gaddafi” (“assisted,” BTW, is right). I don’t have a problem conceding that stuff. What bothers me is that people believe the rest of it – and pass it around on Facebook! 



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Political Pop

No one man should have all that power

Mar. 10 2012 05:30 PM

"Won the Nobel Peace Prize"

...for doing what exactly? If the answer is nothing than how is that an accomplishment?

Honored his wedding vows? about honoring the US Constitution that he also swore an oath to uphold and has repeatedly undermined and challenged. We do not pay him to be a good husband but we do pay him to be a good President as the US Constitution defines it.

Jan. 29 2012 03:45 PM

The “Not one tax hike” is particularly mendacious.
In his first two years in office Obama had a Democratic Congress which spent trillions without a budget and without a tax plan on how to pay for it. They left that for the Republican House which is against raising taxes despite constant demands for a tax hike by Democrats.

The locating of OBL required the highly controversial Bush programs that candidate Obama opposed like Gitmo, rendition and enhanced interrogation. Giving Obama full credit for finding OBL is like giving Richard Nixon full credit for all the moon landings that happened during his term in office.
Bin Laden's goal was to bring the USA to its knees. Destroying the WTC did not do it but 20 trillion in debt will.

News flash to Obama supporters. They think your ignorant, clueless and easily fooled and this list of Obama's "accomplishments" proves it and it should cause you to rethink your voting choices.

Jan. 29 2012 03:31 PM
SteveV from New York

An easy solution, if the author is so bothered -- log onto Facebook less...!

Jan. 28 2012 10:57 PM
Bob from NJ

Don't forget to mention that P. Obama's incompetence in losing the stealth technology in the mission to kill Bin Laden. Was it really worth it to compromise a technology that was a significant superior and critical in our defense to have bragging rights for the take out? He has also lost the predator drone in Iran when he violated international law by invading their sovereign air space to spy on them. Another significant loss of superior technology. If we just could elect Dr. Ron Paul we wouldn't have these foreign imperial excursions where we nation building and concentrate on defense of our country and stop being the world's policeman!

Jan. 28 2012 09:58 AM

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