A Recap of Last Night's Florida Debate

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Republican presidential candidates Newt Gingrich listens to former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney.
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Mitt Romney came prepared during last night's CNN debate in Florida. The former Massachusetts governor fending off attacks about his record and personal finances as Newt Gingrich failed to build of his late momentum. The primary in the Sunshine State is just days away. A new CNN poll shows the two frontrunners are in a dead heat, with Romney leading Gingrich 36 percent to 34 percent. The primary is less than a week away, and the stakes are high. The winner-takes-all state has 50 delegates, more than Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina combined.

Farai Chideya is a journalist and blogger at Farai.com. Ron Christie is a Republican political strategist and political contributor for The Takeaway and our co-producer WNYC’s politics website, It’s a Free Country.