Great Minds Think Alike

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Normally, our weekly Pick Threes give us a chance to hear some new works that we might otherwise miss (which is why most of our pickers tend to be from outside NYC).  True to form, Mark Wheat has picked a Minneapolis band that wasn’t previously on our radar, called Howler. 

But the other two are actually kinda familiar.  Mark picks the new Dr Dog record – and they were just here in our studio yesterday, playing songs from it, including the track “That Old Black Hole,” which Mark picks. 

Then there’s the Icelandic band called Of Monsters and Men, and their song “Little Talks.”  This is also very familiar – even though I’ve never heard of it or them.  But with its deliberately simple, folky melody, the alternating male/female lines in the verse, and then the big tub-thumping rhythm in the chorus… well, I guess they’ve been listening to the Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros hit “Home” up there in Iceland. 

Or could it be another case of great minds thinking alike?

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