Google's New Privacy Policy Raises Many Concerns

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Google recently announced a new privacy policy that has users and privacy advocates up in arms. Effective March 1, this new policy will consolidate information from users' various products — from Gmail to YouTube to the Android mobile phone operating system — in order to "better tailor its services" for customers. But the move could potentially violate a users' privacy simply to better target advertising. Estimates say between 50-75 percent of the world's internet users utilize at least one of Google's products.

For more about the company’s new privacy policy and what it means for users, The Takeaway is joined by Ryan Singel, editor of "Threat Level," Wired magazine’s privacy and security blog.

Google gave this statement concerning the new policy:

"This new, simpler approach will make it easier for users to understand our privacy practices, and it reflects our desire to create a simpler, more intuitive user experience across Google by integrating our different products more closely." 

You can read about the new Google privacy policy in detail here.