Christie Says He Won't Rule Out Vice Presidency

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie used an appearance on NBC's Meet the Press Sunday to spread his State of the State message to a national audience — and also did not rule out running for vice president.

Christie told moderator David Gregory that he would consider running for vice president this year.  

"If I'm approached, I will listen," Christie said. "But my inclination, to make it very clear, is I want to stay Governor of New Jersey."

Christie ruled out a run for president late last year.

Last week, the governor proposed a 10 percent across-the-board state income tax cut. Democratic legislators raised concerns about the plan immediately following the State of the State address, saying it would mean $1 billion less in tax revenue.

But Christie insisted New Jersey residents would feel less pressure because their taxes would decrease for the next three years if his proposal passes.

"It's time for the people to get some of their money back," Christie said. "You can do it responsibly and not bust the budget."



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