Satisified on Long Island?

Friday, January 20, 2012

Newsday columnist Joye Brown talks about the new Long Island Index that shows among its findings that 61% say paying their rent or mortgage is a struggle.


Joye Brown

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tom LI native

LI has hurt itself by not embracing the fact that many people can not, do not wish to own a home for the length of time it takes to become a true asset. Its ignored the rental market - which is HUGE - to all the towns and county's detriment, forcing an underground revenue stream where we all lose out. I rented (illegally) for decades, moved away and came back...and I own now, and am sorry I do...I will likely never recoup the investment in any real way.

Jan. 20 2012 06:19 PM
WT 5 from Brooklyn

WOW, this gets me.
The first caller, from my home town, Baldwin, seldom there parents, still have a house, Baldwin, where I (50, now), moved to from Massapequa (age 4), where my mom grew up, & worked in for 40+ yrs., after moving from Ozone Pk when she was in grade 4.
Technically I'm still living on LI, it's an Island, i'm in Brooklyn now, owning a house. My parents taxes are staggering -$$, my old friends' monthly train costs are stunning, & those that drive.... the hrs in traffic, the pre day break hours they leave are paralyzing, it all kinda wrings any enjoyment out of being there. It makes me sad, you don't see people walking around the streets (like i used to) except kids at school hrs. But there's a lot to do off those pkg lot hwys Bob described.
LI is great, but commuting makes you crazy, & exhausted whether by train or car (bus too I suppose) that was my dad's problem, even with variable hrs & job locations ranging from Flushing, UWS to East NY. If you live there do your best to work there.

Jan. 20 2012 01:43 PM
Bob from Huntington

From my my experience, the people I speak with who love Long Island and say they couldn't imagine living anywhere else frequently have one thing in common: They've never been anywhere else. (Atlantic City and Vegas don't count.) It's startling how many have never even been to New York City.

Jan. 20 2012 11:43 AM
Athenis Trakis from Greenwood Lake, NY

When I lived in LI and when I go there to visit family, I am amazed at the food prices which are equivalent to the prices you would find in the most expensive neighborhoods in Manhattan. A major factor for high food and gas prices are due to one way truck deliveries. When goods are delivered to LI, particularly the east end, a trucker delivers, but has no product to reload his truck for the trip back as most truckers do when delivering in the continental U.S. As a result LI'ers pay a premium for consumer products.

Jan. 20 2012 11:43 AM
Bill from New Rochelle

LONG ISLAND has the main economic problem that Westchester has; and to a lesser extent, Rockland and Putnam Counties.

Thatis, the families on Long Island are supporting themselves, plus a family in Northern or Western NYS, plus a family in a state like Alaska, Mississippi, or New Mexico.

All of our real taxes stay ocal; and all of our state and Federal Income taxes go to support people in other regions.


For the National picture, and the CGR in Rochester did a similar study for NYS.

Imagine, Islanders and Westchesterites, if your property taxes were multiplied by .25 for that is what you should be paying, if the money we dent to Albany and D.C. came back to us.

The Shore alone makes Long Island a magical place.
I LOVE LONG ISLAND, (and I live in New Rochelle)

Jan. 20 2012 11:42 AM
Unheard from NYC

Joye's comment about Long Islanders not liking renters was very off putting. Maybe that was why I always felt an outcast or outsider growing up on LI. If her statement is true and Long Islanders don't like rental housing I personally don't have much sympathy for their plight.

Jan. 20 2012 11:41 AM
Larry from Brooklyn

Typical of someone from Long Island to suggest that they are not used to terrible crime but that NYC residents are. Alleged rampant crime in NYC is often used to legitimize living in boring xenophobic burbs.

Jan. 20 2012 11:41 AM
jon from Manhattan

Grew up there. Couldn't wait to get out. No regrets.

Jan. 20 2012 11:38 AM
James from Bellmore

Not a fallen six figure person, but I can trace my Long Isalnd ancestry to 1636(Seaford). My current job pays $20,000 and I can't find a rental I can afford.

Jan. 20 2012 11:36 AM
Nanas from Garden City S., NY

Quality of living for our family is definitely better. Resources like the police department etc aren't as tapped out as they are in NYC. For example, when living in NYC our place was robbed on New Year's eve. NYPD did nothing, which is understandable as robbery isn't a violent crime and they had plenty of those on their plate that night. They even said there was a pattern of robbery and I even handed them the name of one of the robbers after they tried to apply for a credit card with my name. Nothing got done. But out in Nassau, our fence was graffitied (sp?) and the Nassau PD not only responded quickly but they caught the kid too. The only gripe I have are the taxes and the cost of commuting to the city are way too high. But I guess you can argue that both those things are a result of the mismanagement of the MTA LIRR and Nassau county.

Jan. 20 2012 11:30 AM

It's one continuous strip mall connected by parking lots and gridlocked highways.

Jan. 20 2012 11:29 AM

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