Terminals at Area Airports Top World’s Worst List

Newark Liberty International Airport

The travel group Frommer’s has made a list of the world’s ten worst airport terminals, and terminals at all three area airports operated by the Port Authority are on it.

Airport terminals at three New York-area airports are among the world’s 10 worst, according to travel group Frommer’s.

JFK’s Delta Terminal 3 topped the list as the worst-rated terminal in the world. The group also ripped Newark’s Terminal B for poor design and LaGuardia’s U.S. Airways Terminal for “congestion, overcrowding, and delays.”

The article also had some choice words for the Port Authority, calling it “a hideously mismanaged money sink” that’s unresponsive to the needs of travelers.

In a statement, the Port Authority said it’s made significant investments to improve the airports “by building new terminals and renovating older ones, making runway and taxiway improvements to help reduce flight delays and adding welcome centers to all terminals to improve customer service.”

The agency noted that Delta’s Terminal 3 at JFK will be replaced, following a $1.2 billion expansion of neighboring Terminal 4.

The agency also noted a $350 million renovation at Terminal B in Newark.