Several Indicted in Brooklyn Gang Crackdown

Forty-three members of two feuding gangs who “terrorized” Brownsville were indicted on several charges, including murder and conspiracy to murder, on Thursday, the Brooklyn District Attorney’s office announced.

The Wave Gang and the Hoodstarz members allegedly perpetrated crimes mainly against each other, but their battle for turf also claimed lives of innocent bystanders. A nine-year-old boy and his father caught up in an August 2011 shooting were injured.

The takedown of the two gangs, dubbed “Operation Tidal Wave” was a joint effort by the District Attorney’s office and the New York Police Department.

“Fear among the community was heightened due to the targeted acts of violence committed by these two gangs,” District Attorney Charles J. Hynes said. “The gangs had a longstanding feud over territory, leading to wanton and reckless behavior where kids would shoot at each other because they were in the wrong gang or on the wrong street or in front of the wrong building.”

Police Commissioner Ray Kelly said gang members “made the mistake of boasting about their shootings on Twitter, which NYPD officers used to help establish their complicity in murder and other crimes.”

The defendants, ranging in ages from 15 to 21, will be arraigned this week. Some still remain at large.