Watch: Colbert's Pro-Cain Super PAC Ad, and Others

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We've been hearing a lot in recent debates about Super PACs and 527s and all the secretive nasty things they do during campaigns. Here's what they look like in action, starting with Stephen Colbert's latest ad for Herman Cain.

For those wondering, Herman Cain is on the ballot in South Carolina, since he registered there before bowing out of the race in December. It remains to be seen whether the ad from Colbert Super PAC Making a Better Tomorrow, Tomorrow, will give Cain enough momentum to steal the nomination from all the Republicans who are actually running still.

Pro, uh, Cain?

Anti-Santorum from Pro-Romney

Anti-Romney from Pro-Gingrich

Anti-Gingrich, Anti-Romney from Pro-Perry


Anti-Romney, Anti-Gingrich from Pro-Paul