The Art and History of Terezín

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The Nazi transition camp Terezín, northwest of Prague, was billed as an "art camp" where Jewish artists enjoyed a creative home. But the camp's history as a tool for Nazi propaganda has overshadowed the real artistic achievements that came out of Terezín. Artist and author Zdenka Fantlová is a survivor of the camp - she joins us to talk about her memories. And filmmaker Simon Broughton talks about the history of the music written there, explored in his 1992 film "The Music of Terezín."

Throughout the next two weeks, the 92nd St. Y presents a multi-disciplinary exploration into the culture of Terezín, including a screening of Simon Broughton's film "The Music of Terezín" on Jan. 21 at 6 pm. For more information about the series, click here.