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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Private equity firms are in the news because of Mitt Romney’s former role at Bain Capital. Peter Lattman, Dealbook reporter for the New York Times discusses what private equity firms actually do and how much they really contribute to the economy. Plus, New Jersey news with WNYC reporters Bob Hennelly and Nancy Solomon; the January series on flying and airline industry continues; NPR’s Planet Money correspondent Adam Davidson discusses the manufacturing sector in our economy; and the phones will be open for your stories about brushing up with celebrities and the super-rich.

When Private Equity Comes to Town

Mitt Romney's time at Bain Capital has made private equity firms an issue in the campaign. Peter Lattman, Dealbook reporter for The New York Times, looks at the industry and its effect on jobs.

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The State of Gov. Christie's State

Governor Chris Christie postponed New Jersey's State of the State address, but WNYC reporter Bob Hennelly and New Jersey News Service managing editor Nancy Solomon will round up New Jersey's political news.

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Crosscheck: The Worsening Customer Experience

Jad Mouawad, airline correspondent for The New York Times, discusses how passengers have been squeezed as a result of the airline industry's success, and what consumer protection groups are doing.

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Creating and Keeping Manufacturing Jobs

Adam Davidson, co-host of NPR's "Planet Money", discusses his Atlantic cover story, which profiles a plant in South Carolina that may serve as a model for the future of manufacturing and job creation in the U.S.

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Open Phones: State of Your Neighborhood

Mayor Bloomberg will deliver his State of the City address this afternoon. Call in at 212-433-9692 and let us know what the state of your neighborhood is.

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Open Phones: Blue Ivy and Your Run-Ins With the Super-Rich

The birth of Blue Ivy Carter, the daughter of Jay Z and Beyoncé, created a controversy over whether the couple dominated too much of the Lenox Hill Hospital maternity ward. Village Voice writer and author of the new book Fork on the Left, Knife in the Back, Michael Musto, discusses the controversy and takes your calls.  

Listeners: Do you have stories about your run-ins with celebrities or the super rich in your daily lives? Call us and tell us if you reacted by being both annoyed and star-struck? Do you actually like brushing up against the privileged class--or are you too annoyed by it to be impressed? Tell us a story of your celebrity run-in. Call 212-433-WNYC or comment here. 

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