Gig Alert: Herman Dune

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Herman Dune
"Tell Me Something I Don't Know"
Playing on Monday at Joe's Pub
(425 Lafayette St., East Village, Manhattan NY)
Get: Tickets ($15) | Directions

Since forming in 1999, French indie-pop outfit Herman Dune has taken cues from ‘60s pop (a la Holly, Dylan, and Berry) in making its bittersweet folksy tunes.

Led by David Ivar Herman Dune, a Parisian of Swedish and Jewish heritage who began learning American English by playing chess with his grandfather, a Swedish diplomat once stationed in DC.  The singer-songwriter composed his first English song at age 11.

The music of Dune and drummer/percussionist Cosmic Neman somehow has held on to that playful innocence all these years later. The band’s latest studio album, Strange Moosic, showcases its knack for catchy pop structure and sweet, sensitive (and, at times, bruised) lyrics.

Download Herman Dune’s breezy lead single “Tell Me Something I Don’t Know” from the recent release above, and watch its adorable music video, which stars Mad Men’s Jon Hamm alongside a precious little blue yeti, below.

Herman Dune performs at Joe’s Pub on Monday night.