Social Mixer: DJ Moni

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This week, the Colombian-born DJ Moni offers a high-energy playlist she calls "Get Up Brazil."

Before You Press Play

DJ Moni's favored press photo shows her strutting in heels down a city street, one hand tugging a rolling suitcase that's presumably packed to the gills with records. The image doesn't just flaunt her killer street style (none of this saggy T-shirt stuff—Moni's not afraid to spin in a leopard-print dress); it's a pretty accurate distillation of her life story. Born Monica Pineda in Cartagena, Colombia, she moved to the States when she was eight and spent the next decade bouncing from Florida to Texas to Oklahoma to Washington, D.C., all the while collecting records and forming her eclectic taste. By the time she'd left college with a degree in International Relations, it was clear that her global mindset was better fit for the arts than finance or commerce. These days she splits her time between DJ gigs and co-running the web TV series Friends We Love.

A Word from the Artist: "The 'Get Up Brazil' mix was inspired by music that has motivated me on the dancefloor or at the gym. It is a combination of uptempo Brazilian rhythms laced with some deep bass and a touch of electro beats. It's a perfect soundtrack for spring training!"

The Setlist:

Wilson Simonal - "Paris Tropical"
Me & You - "Sneaker Thief" (Hint Remix)
Azymuth - "Roda Piao" (Spiritual South Mix)
Zumen - "Man Do Para"
Lekan Babalola - "Oya (Le Pico Remix)"
Middlewood Sessions - "Fall Back" (Spiritual South Mix)
Makossa & Megablast - "Late Que Eu To Passando"
Seiji - "Tumbala"
Zed Bias - "Neighbourhood 09" (Club Mix)