MTA Expands Quiet Car Service

Metro-North riders to and from Connecticut will have the option of choosing a quiet ride starting Monday.  The MTA is expanding its Quiet Car Initiative to rush-hour trains on the New Haven Line.

"It means no cell phone conversations, no loud conversations, any kind of electronic device has to have a headphone and the headphone must be at a volume that doesn't bleed out and be heard by other people," MTA spokesperson Marjorie Anders said.

Trains with a quiet car will be indicated with a "Q" on the schedule. On city-bound trains, the quiet car will be the first car. On out-bound trains, it will be the last car. 

If riders don't comply, conductors even have a hushed way to make their point: a card they can hand out.  It reads "Shhh!" on one side and on the other it asks riders to keep quiet by not talking on the phone or playing loud music. 

Anders said the Quiet Car Initiative has been a well-received pilot program and will likely be made permanent.