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BLDGBLOG's Geoff Manaugh shows us his NYC

At the heart of the WNYC Cityscapes project are different perspectives on New York City. Geoff Manaugh is the urbanist behind the popular architecure blog BLDGBLOG. We gave him a camera to make some videos for us. Here is his first.

Blogger Geoff Manaugh writes mostly about architecture but he also covers climatology, pop culture, speculative fiction and landscapes, both real and imaginary. The BLDGBLOG book made the Amazon top 100 list for 2009. Manaugh grew up on the East Coast but now lives in Los Angeles. When we learned that he was in town with his wife (Nicola Twilley, who writes the blog edible geography) for a bit to lead a workshop on quarantine, we gave him a camera and asked him to shoot video diaries for us. Over the next few weeks Manaugh will document how he sees New York.